Minimum system requirements

Getting your device ready

  • Devices that are up to 10 years old

  • Devices connected to public WiFi or your institution's WiFi

  • Devices connected to a mobile hotspot

  • Devices connected to an ethernet cable

  • Devices connected to a WiFi extender

  • External or internal webcams

  • External or internal microphones

Helpful tips!

Breaking down the requirements

Below are the minimum device requirements to ensure you have the best test-taking experience:

WindowsMacLinuxChrome OS
Operating SystemsWindows 7+macOS 10.11+Ubuntu 18.04+Chrome 58+
ProcessorIntel Pentium or betterIntel or M1 ChipIntel Pentium or betterIntel Pentium or Arm
Free Disk Space250 MB250 MB250 MB250 MB
Free RAM2 GB12 GB12 GB12 GB1
Upload Speed0.092 - 0.189 Mbps20.092 - 0.189 Mbps20.092 - 0.189 Mbps20.092 - 0.189 Mbps2
MicrophoneAny Microphone, either internal or external3 for all systems
Webcam320x240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external3 for all systems

1. Free RAM is the minimum amount of memory that is not in use by other applications.

2. Depending on the exam settings, secure browser has no upload speed requirement.

3. Only required for proctoring, secure browser functionality does not require audio/visual recording.