Originality Verification

Plagiarism detection

By utilizing our Originality Verification tool, any institution can successfully enable a culture of integrity, improve learning outcomes, and protect the value of their online written assessments.

Please note that Proctorio’s Originality Verification tool currently only integrates with the Canvas LMS.

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How it works

After an assessment is submitted, a Similarity Score will be provided within the Canvas SpeedGrader. This is a point structure that compares the submitted text to outside sources. The higher the similarity of the content to external sources, the higher the Similarity Score will become.

Additionally, a simple color-coded Originality Report is generated within SpeedGrader and highlights suspicious content for quick review. Any potentially suspicious sections will also be underlined for easy identification.

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Document Authentication

Proctorio scans assessments for similarities to other documents within the institution's locally-stored repository and from across the internet to validate the authenticity of the written assignment.

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Manipulation Prevention

Proctorio spots formatting anomalies that other tools miss. Our software sets up alerts for when authors try to trick traditional plagiarism tools with use of embedded images or hidden text.

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Submission Verification

This authenticates the identity of the author when they submit an assignment. Then, our tool goes one step further and requires each author to sign a pledge of originality before submitting the assignment.

Available in multiple languages

Proctorio can interpret multiple languages by checking the source language of the submitted assignment and then translating it. The Originality Verification tool also accounts for grammar and punctuation variations that occur in other languages.

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