Live or Automated

Online Proctoring

Proctoring assessments, online or in-person, safeguards exam and course integrity. This is essential to protecting the value of certification and degree programs. Proctoring allows everyone an equal opportunity to both succeed and showcase their knowledge and experience.

With our remote proctoring services, institutions are able to produce candidates with the necessary skills to succeed throughout life and within their chosen career.

Automated Proctoring

Software-based proctoring

With Automated Proctoring, there is no live proctor watching test takers during the exam. After the exam is submitted, the exam administrator can review exam attempt recordings and flagged behaviors.

Secure your assessment in layers with these customizable settings:

Recording Settings

All stored recordings will be encrypted with Zero-Knowledge Encryption and only accessible by exam administrators.

  • Record Video
  • Record Audio
  • Record Screen
  • Record Web Traffic
  • Record Desk

Verification Settings

Ensure your test takers are who they say they are with our suite of customizable Verification Options.

  • Verify Video
  • Verify Audio
  • Verify Identity
  • Verify Desktop
  • Verify Signature

Lock Down Settings

Prevent access to outside digital materials during the exam attempt with Proctorio’s browser-locking capabilities.

  • Force Full Screen
  • Only One Screen
  • Disable New Tabs
  • Close Open Tabs
  • Disable Printing
  • Disable Clipboard
  • Clear Cache
  • Disable Right Click
  • Prevent Re-Entry

Live Proctoring +

A more human approach

Our Live Proctoring service never requires exam scheduling or additional test-taker registration. It allows immediate intervention during an exam and provides full recording and reporting for exam administrators on demand.

+ Premium Add-On Feature

Automated vs. Live



No registration required
Immediate exam results
Customizable Recording Settings
Customizable Lock Down Settings
Customizable Verification Settings
Access to 24/7/365 human support
Exam recordings are only accessible by approved institution representatives
Limitlessly scalable to your institution’s needs
Live proctor pop-in
Keeps the exam experience between the instructor and test taker
Instructors can review exam attempts at their own discretion

The Proctorio Gradebook

Immediate results

Reviewing your test takers’ exam attempts has never been easier.

You will have access to a full exam integrity report with full recordings, color-coded suspicion ratings, exam analytics, annotations, and computer performance directly from within your assessment platform.

How does it work?


The Proctorio Gradebook lists individual exam results by Suspicion Score on a red, yellow, and green scale based on settings dictated by the exam administrator to highlight which exam attempts require review.

Noted exam behaviors are dictated by the predetermined behavior settings and severity thresholds chosen by the exam administrator.


Each noted behavior gets an automated, written Incident Log. Here, the automated notes are dictated by the predetermined exam settings enabled by the exam administrator. The exam administrator can add their own comments and notes to the Incident Log.

The Proctorio Gradebook also provides internet speed and connectivity data throughout the exam attempt period so the exam administrator can see if this impacted the test taker’s ability to successfully submit the exam.


The Incident Log can only be viewed by institution-approved exam administrators. The log can only be accessed from within the assessment platform and can be exported by approved exam administrators as a PDF document.

Professional Review +

We've got your back

Proctorio's Professional review offers institutions the opportunity to leverage our highly trained staff to analyze your exam recordings for violations of exam integrity.

+ Premium Add-On Feature

How it works

Our Professional Review staff reviews exam attempts in order of suspicion rating, seeks out any violations of exam integrity, and makes thorough annotations on their findings. These notes will be available for review by institution-approved exam administrators within the Proctorio Gradebook and in a PDF format.

Exam integrity experts

Our Professional Review staff members are experienced educational experts with extensive in-house privacy and data security training. Each staff member has gone through a detailed background check and is required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Detailed reports

Detailed reports with notes and the full recordings of each exam attempt will be delivered to institution-approved exam administrators. These reports can be delivered the same day, the next day, or within 3 days of the exam submission date. This delivery date is dependent upon your needs.

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