Identity Verification

Help your test takers grow with integrity

By verifying identities at the beginning of online exams, exam administrators can ensure test takers are earning their degrees and certificates with integrity.

With Proctorio, you can decide between two levels of ID verification: Automated ID Verification and Live ID Verification+.

+ Premium Add-On Feature

A computer monitor displaying a personal ID card, overlaid with a green checkmark of success

Automated ID Verification

Our software scans and captures an image of the test taker's institution-approved ID card for later exam administrator review. With certain settings enabled, Proctorio will automatically highlight ID cards that show irregularities, such as those that are blurry, damaged, or of an unrecognized format. These processes are built to ensure test takers are who they say they are.


Live ID Verification +

Live Proctorio customer support agents—available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year—analyze the test taker's institution-approved ID card for authenticity. They compare the ID card information to the test taker's image, captured through the webcam, in real time. Any discrepancies can be immediately addressed, and test takers whose form of ID passes inspection will be allowed to enter the exam.

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