Content Protection

Safeguard your online exams from creation to submission

Protecting your assessment content is essential to securing the integrity of your course and institution.

By removing exam questions and answers from across the web, you are promoting an equitable exam environment for your test takers, no matter where they might be taking your online exam.


Proctorio employs WebSweep, an automated web monitoring tool that alerts exam administrators when exam questions and answers have been posted on external websites. If matching exam questions and answers are found online, exam administrators can use the “Report” feature to initiate a content take-down.

Additional content security measures

No matter which assessment platform you use, Proctorio provides additional methods to protect your exam content.

Device Restrictions

Proctorio creates a secure exam environment by restricting internet navigation and device functionality. Specific websites may be allowed by exam administrators or blocked to prevent the use of unauthorized resources during the exam.

Distribution Prevention

Proctorio prevents online sharing of exam questions through a variety of adjustable settings that restrict the test taker’s device functionalities. The system can also clear the browser’s cache and disable other browser extensions during the exam.

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