Content Protection

Safeguard your online exams from creation to submission

Protecting your assessment content is essential to securing the integrity of your course and institution.

By removing exam questions and answers from across the web, you are promoting an equitable exam environment for your test takers, no matter where they might be taking your online exam.

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Proctorio employs WebSweep, an automated web monitoring tool that alerts exam administrators when exam questions and answers have been posted on external websites. If matching exam questions and answers are found online, exam administrators can use the “Report” feature to initiate a content take-down.

How does it work?

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    Free integration

    Proctorio’s WebSweep tool integrates directly with the existing Learning Management System (LMS).

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    Select and scan questions

    Select the exam question you wish to find on third-party sites and WebSweep will scan the web to find the copied questions.

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    Review results

    Review when and where the exam questions were posted on third-party websites.


Our WebFreeze tool integrates with our Lock Down Settings. This freezes exam content published to our trusted third-party partner platforms so exam questions won't be released or answered while the exam is still active.