A solution to protect a variety of assessments

Proctorio is the only remote proctoring software that puts test-taker privacy and convenience first. We offer a robust suite of customizable Identity Verification, Automated and Live Proctoring, Plagiarism Detection, and Content Protection services to fit exam administrator's needs, no matter the size or level of the course or exam.

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Automated or Live

Online Proctoring

Proctorio leverages proprietary technology and expert live proctors to deliver secure exam results.

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Automated Proctoring

Exam administrators can replicate an in-person exam environment by enabling Recording, Verification, and Lock Down Settings settings to fit their exam’s needs.

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Live Proctoring

Continuous monitoring by a live, human proctor allows immediate intervention during an exam and provides full reporting for exam administrators on demand.

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Professional Review

As a premium service offering, our staff members are available 24/7/365 to analyze exam recordings for violations of exam integrity.

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Lock Down

These settings ensure that test takers stay within the exam window. They secure the exam environment by restricting access to digital materials.

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Automated or Live

Identity Verification

Proctorio’s software captures an image of the test taker's ID card, as well as images of the test taker.


Proctorio agents analyze the test taker’s ID card for authenticity and compare them to the test taker's image in real time.

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Content Protection

Proctorio's WebSweep monitoring tool alerts exam administrators when exam questions have been digitally posted outside of the assessment platform.

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Originality Verification

Now, institutions can ensure an equitable environment for learners by detecting plagiarism within online written assignments.

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Originality Verification

Proctorio scans the written assignment for similarities to other documents and resources within the institution’s locally-stored repository and across the internet.

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Manipulation Prevention

Proctorio spots formatting anomalies in documents that other plagiarism detection tools might miss, including hidden or invisible text and embedded images.

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Submission Verification

Proctorio’s system verifies the identity of the author and then requires the author to sign a pledge of authenticity as they turn in their written assignments.

The Perks

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Seamless integration

Proctorio custom integrates* with any assessment platform or LMS. Proctorio utilizes Single Sign-On, so test takers sign in with their existing institution credentials to access exams.

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Proctorio currently holds a verified VPAT 301, Revised 508, and WCAG 2.1 level AA and is compatible with multiple ARIA-label screen readers.

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Limitlessly scalable

With Proctorio's Automated Proctoring, we scale to your needs. Size and location of the institution have no effect on our Automated Proctoring services.

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No waiting

Proctorio exams are unscheduled, so they can be taken at any time within the designated testing window.

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Privacy + security

Proctorio is the only online integrity platform to utilize end-to-end encryption, keeping the exam experience between approved institution representatives and test takers.

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24/7/365 proactive support

Proctorio’s support team is staffed by highly-trained Proctorio experts on standby to answer questions and provide technical assistance before, during, or after the exam.

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By utilizing online assessments, you are aiding our environmental conservation effort by reducing the carbon footprint of your institution.