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Proctorio's Policies

Here, you will find our product, service, and website policies for partnered institutions, exam administrators, and test takers including Terms of Service (TOS or Terms), Service Level Agreement (SLA), and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

If you choose to filter the policies by selecting your location and user type (Test Taker, Institution Representative, or Website User) below, you will only see the policies and the portions of the policies that apply to you as an end-user. If you would like to see all of the policies in their entirety please select "View Entire Policies".

Terms of Service

The Proctorio Terms of Service are applicable to all of our institutions and users worldwide and cover the responsibilities of Proctorio and each partner institution.

Read the Terms of Service here.

Service Level Agreement

Our Service Level Agreement covers what to expect in regards to our service's uptime, downtime, and expected actions and timelines for product updates and fixes.

Read the Service Level Agreement here.

Acceptable Use Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy explains how exam administrators should appropriately utilize our products and services. Exam administrators using Proctorio are required to sign this agreement within the platform.

Read the Acceptable Use Policy here.

Privacy Policy

This policy explains what information is collected, why it is collected, and where it is stored and secured during and after the course of a proctored exam.

Learn more about Proctorio's approach to privacy in our privacy section.

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Privacy Policy


Proctorio is constantly improving and expanding, so we may need to update these policies from time to time.

If so, Proctorio will post its updated policies on Proctorio's Site located at proctorio.com, include a notice on the homepage of proctorio.com, and include updates on Github. You do not have to be registered users of GitHub to view these updates. Please visit Github to see Proctorio's page regarding changes.

Proctorio encourages you to review these policies regularly for any changes. Your continued use of the Services and/or continued provision of Personally Identifiable Information to Proctorio will be subject to the terms of the then-current policies.