Plagiarism Detection

Our advanced plagiarism detection software ensures academic integrity for every written assignment. By implementing our software into their plagiarism detection processes, the most innovative and prestigious academic institutions are able to successfully develop cultures of integrity and in turn, improve the learning outcomes of their students as well as to protect the value of the online degrees they issue.

Originality Verification

Proctorio employs a battery of tools for confirming the authenticity of test taker work, and helping them to avoid plagiarism.

Our software scans for similarity to other documents from across the internet, as well as within an institution's locally stored repository.

Manipulation Prevention

Proctorio can spot formatting anomalies other plagiarism detection tools miss. Our software alerts instructors when test takers insert text as embedded images such as PDFs, or attempt to mask text in white or miniscule type.

Nothing gets past our Proctorio screening tools.

Submission Verification

This added measure of validation authenticates the identity of the test taker when he or she submits an assignment, and goes one step further by requiring each test taker to sign a pledge of originality.

Consistently affirming expectations of academic integrity while validating authorship improves learning outcomes and increases test taker success and retention.

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