ID Verification

Confirm their true identity

Identity verification determines the accuracy and integrity of class credit and helps to prevent fraud.

When our automated ID Verification setting is enabled by the exam administrator, the test-takers webcam captures an image of the test-taker’s government issued or school identification card which is then available for review by only the exam administrator within the Proctorio Gradebook.

When our Live ID Verification setting is enabled Proctorio agents or an exam administrator will verify the ID before the student enters the exam.

Automated ID Verification

Proctorio's Learning Integrity Platform employs both machine learning-enabled ID verification and proprietary facial detection technology.

Proctorio automatically analyzes and captures images of test-takers and their IDs, then displays both in the Proctorio Gradebook and flags any anomalies for review.

Live ID Verification

Proctorio agents analyze ID documentation for authenticity and compare it to the test-taker's image in real time. Only test takers with approved and valid identification are allowed into the exam.

Both the photo and ID are captured and displayed in the Proctorio Gradebook for review.

Prevent Financial Aid Fraud

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) requires institutions receiving Title IV funding to verify the identities of distance learners enrolled at an institution. Without identity verification, financial aid can be misappropriated through a variety of means, such as multiple recipients using the same physical address or IP address, or when an individual is enrolled at more than one institution at a time.

Accurate, reliable ID verification stops fraudulent behaviour and protects your institution's reputation.

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