Exam Monitoring

Fully automated and Live Proctoring

Proctorio uses advanced machine learning and facial detection technology to deliver accurate, reliable exam proctoring that outperforms human proctors. Proctorio ensures a higher level of learning integrity by removing bias and human error.

Proctorio's automated platform is limitlessly scalable and always available without appointment. Institutions of any size can use it for every exam, test, or quiz at a much lower cost.

Automated Proctoring

Proctorio integrates seamlessly with the learning management system test-takers are already using. No schedule, no additional sign in, no wait.

Customizable settings allow instructors and administrators to create test environments specific to their assessment needs.

All data analytics and suspicious behaviors are captured during the assessment, and integrity reports are immediately available for review upon exam submission.

Live Proctoring

This option is available without scheduling. It allows immediate intervention during an exam and provides full recording and reporting on demand.

Professional Review

Our highly-trained experts are available to analyze exam recordings for issues of academic dishonesty. We deliver detailed reporting same day, next day or in 3 days based on your needs.

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