Data Analytics

Track integrity for test-taker success

Proctorio provides a comprehensive set of data analytics that can prove invaluable for improving learning outcomes. Our software allows administrators to track academic integrity across courses, departments and semesters. Aggregate data can spot general trends such as rates of testing violations, while individualized data can track test-takers over the length of their academic careers and even assign suspicion ratings.

Proctorio's data analytics can encourage retention by quickly identifying test-takers who need coaching, academic support services, or personalized instruction to increase their success.

Admin Dashboard

Create global settings and usage reports that give you actionable information by department, school or institution. Filter activity and reporting by course, test-taker, or exam.

Manage exam parameters, computer requirements, account information, faculty controls, and Gradebook settings.

Aggregate Exam Data

A suite of reporting that compares and contrasts test-taker behavior and interaction with assessments so you can clearly identify trends within a set of exam attempts.

Obtain a deeper level of scrutiny by contrasting individual test-taker behavior with other test-takers taking the same assessment.

Actionable Information

Proctorio data analytics become instantly available after every assessment, and accumulate over time. This information is useful for quickly identifying unusual or suspicious behaviors that may indicate academic dishonesty.

By flagging test-takers who may need help, Proctorio is a valuable tool for boosting retention and improving learning outcomes.

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