Content Protection

Secure From End To End

Proctorio ensures exam integrity before, during, and after each assessment. Zero-knowledge encryption keeps exam content safe both in transit and in storage, so hackers can't touch it. Our customizable lock down and security tools prevent content from being captured during a test.

Instructors are free to create the most secure or flexible environment for every type of exam, test, or quiz. Proctorio's Learning Integrity Platform offers complete flexibility and security without additional logins or scheduling.

Computer Restrictions

Proctorio creates a secure exam environment by restricting internet navigation and computer functionality. All internet browsing can be blocked or specific websites may be whitelisted to allow third-party quiz applications or blacklisted to prevent the use of unauthorized resources during exams.

Distribution Prevention

Proctorio prevents test distribution through a host of adjustable settings to restrict the ability to copy and paste, print, download or make screen captures while automatically clearing caches and disabling extensions during the assessment to keep exam content secure.

Mobile Security

Proctorio's Mobile Lock technology—powered by GraphLock—works on all iOS and Android devices to create a fair environment for all test takers by preventing the use of mobile devices during exams.

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