The world’s first Learning Integrity Platform

A Completely Secure Proctoring And Originality Solution

With state-of-the-art facial detection technology and a large variety of fully automated software, Proctorio is the only remote proctoring platform that ensures academic integrity for your course with your test-takers' privacy in mind.

Our Learning Integrity Platform includes ID verification, automated proctoring, content protection, secure browser settings, computer lock down, originality authentication, administrative and faculty controls, and deep, instantaneous analytics.

  • Better learning outcomes for all test takers
  • A fair academic playing field
  • Accreditation protection

The Proctorio Learning Integrity Platform

Exam Proctoring

An all-inclusive remote monitoring solution, including ID verification and computer restrictions.

  • Automated Proctoring
  • Live Proctoring
  • Professional Review

Originality Verification

To ensure learning integrity, Proctorio verifies originality and validates test taker identities when assignments are submitted.
  • Catches Symbols, Images, and Characters
  • Source Link Identification
  • Similarity Score

ID Verification

Identification is captured, analyzed and verified, then displayed in the Proctorio Gradebook.

  • Advanced facial detection technology
  • Automated Verification
  • Live ID Verification

Content Protection

Lockdown security ensures exam integrity by preventing internet navigation, use of mobile devices, screen captures, printing or sharing.

  • Distribution Prevention
  • Copy/Print/Download Restrictions
  • WebSweep Online Resource Matching

Data Analytics

Instant, objective data is immediately available after every assessment, with parameters set by instructors or administrators.

  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Customizable Gradebook
  • Aggregate Exam Data

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