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Fully Scalable Proctoring

With our automated proctoring technology, you’ll get the scalability and ease of use that will make you want to use Proctorio on every exam.

We can let all of our faculty use it on all of their quizzes, all of their tests. Not just the finals and not just the high stakes.
David Lyons - Instructure

Defend Your Academic Reputation

Proctorio’s automated proctoring software protects the honest work and reputation of your students and faculty without the expense of live proctors.

Proctorio is very important for us to take the next step towards meeting accreditation expectations for our school.
Emin Saglamer - UT Health

Protect Your Accreditation

Be ready for your next accreditation visit. Institutions that use Proctorio demonstrate to accrediting bodies an unparalleled commitment to academic excellence that guarantees the integrity of every degree program.

Enterprise Licensing Available

For the first time, you can take advantage of unbiased, scalable proctoring technology on every exam at your school in a practical, cost effective manner.