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No Course Content Changes

Our system seamlessly integrates with your LMS and course content as it currently exists. No changes are needed to get the guaranteed exam integrity that Proctorio offers.

The ease of use, security and convenience for my students are reasons it gives me confidence to do online exams.
Michael Edwards - University of Colorado

Tailor Exams to Your Needs

There’s no one size fits all approach to education. Our automated proctoring system lets you set the controls you need for each exam with the click of a mouse.

Proctorio is the best proctoring service in the market.
Easy, simple, it just works.
Sandesh Tuladhar - Columbia University

Fully Customizable Secure Browser

Proctorio does more than monitor audio and video. Our interface provides a full secure browser, preventing web usage, limiting the exam to a single screen, and ensuring your exam isn’t stolen.

Around the Clock Support

Your time is valuable. If you’ve got a question or problem, we’ll be there to help any time of day no matter what learning management system you’re using.