Proctorio Standing With Our Test Takers During COVID‑19

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, small businesses, university campuses, restaurants and retail shops have been forced to close or lay off many of their employees. This means a lot of test takers or their families, who are dependent on the work provided by these companies, have little to no income as this dire situation continues to escalate.

With that in mind, we know there is no way for these test takers or their families to pay for food or rent, and much less, an online exam fee just to take their tests.

Doing our part

While most organizations can cover the cost of Proctorio for their test takers, sadly, some cannot. Those of you who are being required to use Proctorio and have to pay for it out of pocket, we want to take care of that fee. For any test takers currently experiencing economic hardship due to the impacts of COVID-19, please fill out the form below.

Free exam voucher request

A note about privacy

Yes, this program is free. But that doesn’t mean your privacy or your data is at risk.

We will take your submitted form, generate a voucher for a free exam, contact you once, and in 60 days throw your email address away. We never store, sell or share your personal data.

Your privacy, convenience and education continue to be our top priorities.