Creating a culture of integrity

Proctorio’s flexible, unbiased Learning Integrity Platform gives you the scalability, affordability and ease of use that makes it an effective tool for every assessment—including quizzes and tests, not just high-stakes midterms and finals.

Proctorio helps foster an environment of serious scholarship and honest knowledge acquisition, which protects the reputation of your program and enhances the value of your degrees. With Proctorio, institutions can deliver high-quality education to more learners than ever before.

Solutions Designed For Education

Protect learning integrity

Proctorio’s advanced automated proctoring, identity verification, and assignment authentication ensure test-takers earn their grades on their own merits.

Proctorio uses machine learning and facial detection technologies to achieve consistent and reliable monitoring and validation of test-taker identities and activity. Proctorio's comprehensive Learning Integrity Platform provides end-to-end verification, security, and protection to bring distance learning closer to home.

Customizable content and controls

Deliver your course content exactly the way you want, no changes required. Faculty set the parameters for each exam with the click of a mouse.

Administrators can create global settings, place overriding controls, and acquire data analytics that compare and contrast test-taker behavior to quickly and easily identify trends.

Easy to use. Hard to fool.

Proctorio integrates effortlessly with your existing learning management system (LMS). There’s no bloated software to download, and test-takers don’t need to log in separately, or even schedule their exams—they can take them safely anytime, directly through your institution’s LMS.

Trusted By Top Universities

We work with over 400 universities to provide secure, reliable, cost-effective remote proctoring, identity verification, and originality verification.

"I'm really impressed with the level of responsiveness and the level of care & knowledge that the support staff has."

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