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Creating a Culture of Integrity

Proctorio is a game changer for online education and exam administration. Our Learning Integrity Platform provides a scalable, cost-effective solution needed to validate test-taker identities, authenticate originality, and ensure the integrity of online exams.

The comprehensiveness and reliability of Proctorio allows test-takers to demonstrate their knowledge under fair conditions. Use it without limits for any online assessment, large or small, to foster an environment of honesty, accomplishment, and learning throughout the semester and beyond.

  • Cost-effective & scalable
  • Secure & protected
  • Automated & flexible

The Right Answer For Your Assessment


Protect the content of your assessments, the integrity of your institution, and the value of your degree.


Reduce costs and increase efficiency in hiring, training and retention through secure, accurate ID and skill verification.


Train and certify safely and cost-effectively online. Transmit and store sensitive ID and assessment data over a secure military-grade encrypted network using dedicated DoD servers.


Secure and accurate ID and skill verification is essential for meaningful certification. Protect privacy and demonstrate your ability anywhere, anytime with Proctorio's Learning Integrity Platform.

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