Integrity without barriers

System Integration Made Easy

Proctorio can seamlessly integrate with any assessment service system or traditional applications using our developer friendly API’s. This means there is no additional log in information required, outside of what is required for the LMS, when entering an exam.

Your Needs Grow, We Match Them

With the demand for remote proctoring solutions growing with the expansion of online courses, you need to know that your proctoring solution works without fail. Proctorio’s fully automated system will scale to meet your needs.

  • No matter how many students enter an exam at one time, Proctorio’s system will hold strong without slow downs or interruptions.
  • We don’t schedule exams, which means students can enter exams whenever it is convenient for the instructor and themselves. No matter when students take an exam, Proctorio will be ready and waiting.
  • Our failover system works 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about the security of your data. If a data center goes dark, the information will automatically failover to another data center in the same geographic region without data loss, interruption of service or risk of data being stolen.

Learning Management Systems


We integrate with the Blackboard Learning Management System to ensure learning integrity during any digital exam. Proctorio's fully customizable solution allows Blackboard users to securely test without additional logins or scheduling.

Brightspace by D2L

Proctorio's partnership with the Desire2Learn Brightspace Learning Management System is transforming the way the world learns by increasing access to the best possible learning opportunities and protecting the integrity of online education throughout the world.


Proctorio partners with the Canvas Learning Management System by Instructure to provide a fully integrated Learning Integrity Platform designed for ease of use and test taker privacy protection.


Since 1998, institutions have been using the ILIAS LMS to implement individual learning scenarios and trainings. With the seamless integration of Proctorio, exams within the ILIAS LMS can now be held to a higher and improved standard.


Moodle allows users to create the perfect online learning environment and Proctorio's seamless integration means that you can also create the most secure test environment without leaving the Moodle Learning Platform.

Assessment Platforms


Ans is the satisfying grading platform. It supports teachers to create, administer, grade and analyze assessments, all in the cloud. Ans’s integration with Proctorio has increased security and the at-home test taking support for educational institutions.

Ascend (ATI)

ATI Nursing Education and Proctorio support health care educators in preparing the next generation of nursing professionals by teaching and assessing skills to produce hiqh-quality care.

Cirrus Assessment

Proctorio has partnered with Cirrus Assessment, the cloud based, e-Assesment program. Students can access their exams from anywhere in the world, while ensuring academic integrity and personal security.


The first of its kind, Derivita's powerful math homework system provides complex question types, randomization, auto grading, seamless LMS integration, and now Proctorio, to encourage success in math courses from Developmental Math through Calculus and beyond.


EvaExam is a software that automates the examination process of institutions from creation to evaluation. With the complete integration of Proctorio, the solution also has the ability to automatically proctor online exams and thus ensure the integrity of the results.

McGraw Hill

Proctorio seamlessly integrates within McGraw-Hill Connect requiring no additional login or advanced scheduling. Student identity verification and secure browser features help to support the integrity of the assessment environment. Starting in mid-August 2020.


Questionmark is the leading provider of enterprise grade assessment software and education-based professional services and now has the leading proctoring software to match, increasing academic integrity and fairness.

Top Hat

Top Hat helps professors deliver high-quality learning experiences and assessments, wherever their students are. The seamless integration of Proctorio makes it easy to run secure tests remotely.

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