Integrity without barriers

Seamless Integration For Consistent Learning Integrity

Proctorio's Learning Integrity Platform works with all learning management systems and can be custom fit to work on any test delivery platform.

Our seamless integration means that there are no additional logins to remember and never any scheduling issues to worry about. Because we fully integrate with all learning management systems and test platforms, test taker data stays with the testing institution and not Proctorio. With Proctorio's Learning Integrity Platform, testing institutions can add automated invigilation and identity verification with the click of a button in order to receive instantaneous integrity reports as soon as exams are submitted.


Proctorio partners with the Canvas Learning Management System by Instructure to provide a fully integrated Learning Integrity Platform designed for ease of use and test taker privacy protection.

Brightspace by D2L

Proctorio's partnership with the Desire2Learn Brightspace Learning Management System is transforming the way the world learns by increasing access to the best possible learning opportunities and protecting the integrity of online education throughout the world.


We integrate with the Blackboard Learning Management System to ensure learning integrity during any digital exam. Proctorio's fully customizable solution allows Blackboard users to securely test without additional logins or scheduling.


Moodle allows users to create the perfect online learning environment and Proctorio's seamless integration means that you can also create the most secure test environment without leaving the Moodle Learning Platform.

Google Classroom

As a Google for Education Partner, Proctorio provides secure Chromebooks to our network of testing centers and our Learning Integrity Platform is fully integrated with Google Classroom.

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