Security is no accident

Data Security You Can Trust

Proctorio takes a proactive stance toward data security. Our encryption algorithms have been proven secure by years of testing and are used by the world's most critical and impenetrable applications. We use double-encryption, zero-knowledge technology to scramble your personal data during transfer and in storage with end-to-end protection of every piece of information that leaves your computer during an exam.

As educational technology continues to grow, concerns about data protection are numerous and significant. Proctorio is a leader in data security and our software undergoes a range of daily vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. The result is ironclad data security you can trust.

Test Taker Privacy By Design

Proctorio is designed with your privacy in mind. Test taker privacy is not an afterthought, but a central feature of our software. We acknowledge the rights of everyone to keep personal data private and Proctorio has been recognized by the Internet Keep Safe Coalition for meeting stringent test taker data and privacy standards, making Proctorio the only proctoring solution to earn iKeepSafe certification.

Proctorio is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge. We help facilitate conversations between educators and technologists within the edtech community and around the globe about protecting test taker privacy and securing data. Our company also appreciates that remote proctoring raises privacy concerns, which is why Proctorio identifies all information collected prior to every exam and does not require test taker work product or personally identifiable information.

Proctorio is designed to be less intrusive than other remote proctors. Only authorized officials at the testing institutions are able to access data collected by our Learning Integrity Platform. Our software is completely customizable based on assessment type, which means all recording options are chosen by the instructor or testing institution when Proctorio is enabled on an exam. Because Proctorio does not require any personally identifiable information on any user, there is no personal data to be given to third parties.

Proctorio only runs as an extension in your computer's browser, so you can rest assured there's no separate program collecting your information. Proctorio is designed to protect privacy while validating test taker work.

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