Becoming a leader in Automated Proctoring

Back in 2013, our founders recognized there was an expanding need to protect exam integrity in online or distance learning environments. Most other remote proctoring solutions rely on the schedules of outsourced proctors or force test takers to register for their exams outside of their institution’s assessment platforms. But, all of that seemed so... unnecessary.

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A better solution to an existing problem

Why couldn’t a proctored online exam experience mimic that of a proctored in-person exam? The answer was simple: it could.

Proctorio became one of the first solutions to keep the online test-taking experience between the exam administrator and test taker, prioritizing both test-taker privacy and exam-administrator convenience.


Proctorio was born in a university research and development lab as a privacy-centric exam integrity tool.


Proctorio gained its first partnership in July with the University of Colorado, Denver.


Proctorio proctored 425,000+ exams throughout the year.

Proctorio opened offices in Europe and its users expanded across the globe with 400+ partnerships. Proctorio successfully proctored over 1,850,000 exams.


Proctorio successfully proctored over 4,000,000 exams and reached over 1,000,000 weekly users.


At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Proctorio proctored over 20,000,000 exams at 2,000+ partner institutions worldwide.


The good stuff

Throughout our history and expansion, we have kept a consistently high level of customer service and product availability. But don't take our word for it, check out these numbers:

8 minutes

Since 2013, we are proud to report less than 8 minutes of downtime.

12.4 seconds

Our average response time for live chat support in 2020 was 12.4 seconds.

191 countries

Proctorio services institutions in the most remote locations throughout the globe.

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