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At Proctorio we believe in fostering growth and leadership through an open, collaborative work environment. Proctorio creates a solution that effects change, through one's ability to reach and receive education no matter where they are.

It is Proctorio’s belief that education can make all the difference, and by allowing individuals the ability to obtain education through online resources, we can not only affect and change their lives but their neighborhoods, cities, countries and eventually the world as we know it.

Proctorio not only focuses on effecting change outside its four walls but inside as well. With a focus on diversity and women in tech, Proctorio knows that knowledge and growth come when we learn from others who may differ from us.

Proctorio’s team is 57% women; with women making up 40% of the leadership roles. It is Proctorio’s goal to continue hiring women, minorities and diverse cultures into the organization and key roles, expanding the change we so value inside and outside our organization.

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