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More than just an office

At Proctorio, we believe a work environment can be more than just an office. It can be a space built for innovation, collaboration, growth, acceptance, and leadership. And that is just what we strive to offer, but with snacks and a dog named Disney.

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Core values


Having a diverse staff from varying backgrounds with equally varying skill sets is as important to us now as it was when we started our company back in 2013. With this in mind, our staff is always expanding.

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The perks

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401K contributions

Prepare for retirement with Proctorio’s help by contributing to a 401k retirement fund. Proctorio matches employee contributions one to one.

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Health benefits package

Proctorio provides a comprehensive health benefits package to full-time Proctorio employees. This includes full medical coverage completely covered by Proctorio.

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Unlimited PTO

We believe in a flexible vacation and Paid Time Off (PTO) policy. This allows you to maintain a solid work and life balance.

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Career development

Online and in-person opportunities are available year-round for industry training, learning, and certification to expand your skill set and enrich your work experience.

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Parental leave

Our leadership will work with you to create a flexible schedule that can accommodate your growing family.

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Sustainable office

We encourage sustainable business practices in an effort to keep our company carbon neutral. Learn more on our sustainability page.

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Dog friendly

You love your doggos and we love them too! Our office is dog-friendly with a conveniently located courtyard for their outdoor adventures.

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Lunches and snacks

Daily lunches and unlimited snacks, coffee, and other refreshments are provided at the office for your convenience and enjoyment.

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Movie nights

A company that watches action flicks and bad rom-coms together stays together. Every Friday we host movie nights with snacks and drinks at our in-house auditorium.

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Diversity & Inclusion


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  • 51.4%

  • 44.3%

  • 1.7%

  • 2.6%


  • 33.3%

  • 55.6%

  • 11.1%


  • 30%

  • 63.3%

  • 6.7%


  • 59.5%

  • 36.9%

  • 3.6%

Diversity & Inclusion

By ethnicity & race*

  • Asian: 22.9%
  • Black or African American: 5.7%
  • Hispanic or Latinx: 17.1%
  • Two or more: 8.6%
  • Undisclosed: 2.9%
  • White: 42.8%

* These statistics were derived from our US office.

Summer Engineering Internship Program

Proctorio invites participants to gain first-hand experience at a growing software company where education always comes first. During the internship, participants will have the opportunity to visit and live in Arizona, to collaborate with different departments, and expand their existing skill set to fit their future careers.

"My 2021 summer internship at Proctorio provided me with valuable hands-on experience on multiple engineering projects and helped me become ready for my career. Working in teams, we got to have fun solving challenging problems and learning from each other. The working environment at the company impressed me, a very cool place to work at. People are very friendly and supportive here. It was an excellent internship experience."

Lihan Zhu, Software Engineer Intern

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  • This department isn't hiring right now, please check back later.

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