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3 women internaticing in a work environment, showing a desktop, laptop, iPad, and a clipboard. The stickers on the laptop depict women empowerment.

ANNOUNCEMENT · March 29, 2024

Women’s History Month 2024

Happy Women’s History Month! Did you know Proctorio’s Design team is not only women-led but fully staffed by women? This is just one example of how our company entrusts women to advance our innovation and creativity. Women’s History Month initially started as Women’s History Week in 1978, and over the years, it turned into a month-long celebration of the contributions t

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two encrypted shields connected by a lock in the middle enforced by passwords/secret keys

PRIVACY & SECURITY March 21, 2024

Setting the Record Straight: End-to-End Encryption Pt. 2

A card thats written 2023, surrounded by various stationery items such as pens, paper, a ruler, markers, and cans.

ANNOUNCEMENT January 11, 2024

That's A Wrap! Community Service 2023

A big piece of orange text that says thankful, surrounded by various thanksgiivng items such as turkey, butter, a pie, fall colored leaves, and candles.

ANNOUNCEMENT November 22, 2023

What are we grateful for?

A hand sliding an id through an id scanner, where it shows the internals of the scanner with the secure binary code that is being stored in a secure key that is being used.

ANNOUNCEMENT November 02, 2023

EdTech Showdown: LMS vs E-Assessment Explained

A big green, white, and black judge hammer laying top of a pile of a books while there is a giant green, black, and yellow scale with two sides, which are at the same level.

ANNOUNCEMENT October 20, 2023

Our Commitment to Our Principles

A student sitting at a desk writing while listening to his teacher who is standing in front of a whiteboard.

ANNOUNCEMENT October 2, 2023

Response to RTL Nieuws

A hand sliding an id through an id scanner, where it shows the internals of the scanner with the secure binary code that is being stored in a secure key that is being used.

PRIVACY & SECURITY September 19, 2023

Setting the Record Straight: Encryption

A big green person sitting at a table with a calander with a computer in front of him taking a proctorio exam.

ACCESSIBILITY September 14, 2023

Setting the Record Straight: On Getting into Your Exam

An image of a real webcam capture being compared to a capture of an animated cartoon character.

ANNOUCEMENT July 28, 2023

Setting the Record Straight: Fairface

A big magnifying glass with a green exclamation mark inside of it, examining a depiction of a HAAR cascade algorithm, while also showing scattered stylized human profile images.

ANNOUCEMENT July 10, 2023

Setting the Record Straight: OpenCV

An animated person studying with a pile of books on a table, while they are writing something down with a pencil, with a laptop on the right on top of a couple of books.


Setting the Record Straight: On Neurodiversity

A purple, pink, and white happy robot standing next to a giant blue and green Level 10, with the proctorio logo above both of them.


Level 10

A geometric collage of earth-friendly images, including a sea of fish and turtles, an Adopt A Highway sign sponsored by Proctorio, solar panels, recycle bins, reusable food containers, and a Meatless Monday sign

ANNOUNCEMENT April 22, 2023

Happy Earth Day

Robot with ethical assets surrounding it.

ANNOUNCEMENT April 10, 2023

Paving the Way for Ethical Technology

A solid shield icon with a green checkmark sits in front of some cash and credit cards.

PRIVACY & SECURITY November 3, 2022

Setting the Record Straight: On Financial Information

A padlock with a green shield on its surface

PRIVACY & SECURITY October 28, 2022

Setting the Record Straight: On Privacy

A bearded person stands contemplating by a zen garden with a peaceful waterfall and koi fish. Above them, the sun shines, and images of a pizza slice, movie posters, a spaceship, and a USB device float in the clouds.

ANNOUNCEMENT October 6, 2022

Why Our Office Is Important to Us

Beside a gavel, a set of scales weighs a person with long hair and laptop one one side, and the icon of a shield supported by a hand in another.

ANNOUNCEMENT September 30, 2022

No Social Media Magic—Just the Truth

A person sits at a desk with a laptop surrounded by potted plants and fun geometric shapes. Behind them, there is a large image of a video player playing.

ANNOUNCEMENT September 2, 2022

Curtains Going Up

Two people look to a monitor filled with various options. The first carries a document with a padlock securing it, and the second is seated underneath an icon of a shield.

ANNOUNCEMENT August 24, 2022

Striking a Balance

A thief in dark clothes and a mask exits an empty vault. They hold a briefcase that has fallen open, revealing nothing is really inside.

PRIVACY & SECURITY June 03, 2022

Our Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy

A person with long black hair and a loose red shirt stands in the middle a large, green number 9. They are festively holding a burrito and a margarita. Around them is a yellow sky with clouds and large flowering cacti, as well as a dog and a man (also holding a burrito) looking on.

ANNOUNCEMENT April 29, 2022

Proctorio's Ninth Birthday

Earth Day 2022

ANNOUNCEMENT April 22, 2022

Our Earth Day Commitment

A woman with tied-up black hair, gold earrings, and fashionable green outfits is shown in three different contexts—on her laptop going over a checklist, with the laptop under one arm while holding a young child's hand as they walk, and next to a graph, navigating with her tablet. The Proctorio and AKAD logos are on the upper left.


Proctorio and AKAD University receive the eLearning Award 2022

A legal document

ANNOUNCEMENT March 25, 2022


A farmer in hat, overalls, and jacket pets a yellow dog and types on a laptop. A green, successful alert box ensures us that he is connected. Behind him is a window of rolling green fields being tilled in a horse-drawn way.

ANNOUNCEMENT March 18, 2022

A Reliable Connection, Wherever You Are

A hand holds up a model of the world with points marked for server locations, internet traffic marked as flowing between them with dashed lines.

PRIVACY & SECURITY January 5, 2022

Security in an Unsecured World

A group of people evaluate where they are, going through boxes, reading tablets... the leaves present show the passage of time, the world turning in the background, accentuated by the prominent watch on the foremost person's wrist.

ANNOUNCEMENT November 24, 2021

Reflections on Thanksgiving 2021

A professor delivers an online lecture in front of a laptop, multiple bubbles of students around them, showing them watching.

BEST PRACTICES September 21, 2021

Exam Administrator best practices for ethical use of Proctorio

A pair of glasses held up to the viewer reveals soundwaves, letters, and code that would otherwise be hidden.

ANNOUNCEMENT August 24, 2021

Proctorio addresses remote proctoring industry concerns

A person approaches a stately civic building while holding a document.

ANNOUNCEMENT July 31, 2021

Introducing Proctorio’s new and improved Policy Center

A group of people proudly present a birthday cake with a huge 8-shaped candle burning brightly on top.


Celebrating Our Eighth Birthday

A seated person with a hot beverage mug contemplates a checklist, several items already checked off.


Countdown to Summer Break Best Practices for Final Exams

A person carries a small earth through a peaceful outdoors setting. A person just beyond works on their laptop, coffee beside them.


Proctorio reduces test-taking emissions by nearly 400 million kg since January 2020

Several people are positioned around or sitting atop a huge bar chart, showing much growth over time.

ANNOUNCEMENT March 10, 2021

2020 Year in Review: Growth in a Difficult Time

Several browser windows around a monitor show sound control icons, enlarging text, an eye graphic rendered with different color shades, and an ear carefully listening.

ACCESSIBILITY February 01, 2021

Our commitment to accessibility

A person relaxes with her computer, a screen in the background showing the Microsoft Edge browser icon.

UPDATES January 27, 2021

Proctorio’s new partnership with Microsoft Edge for enhanced data privacy and security

A person sits relaxed with their laptop, a bright, fully completed checklist beside them.

BEST PRACTICES December 09, 2020

Best Practices for final exams

A lock is surrounded by a cool cyber line design.

PRIVACY & SECURITY November 01, 2020

Enhanced encryption and security features for Fall Semester 2020

There are two doors. One is locked and a person is unable to enter, two red Xs on the side showing two of five checks have not been met. At the second door, all checks show green success signs, and a person enters without trouble.

PRIVACY & SECURITY October 06, 2020

Why Proctorio requests certain browser permissions

A person demonstrates something in front of a large monitor and list of what appears to be user profiles.

BEST PRACTICES September 11, 2020

Ethical usage of our technology

A monitor shows a biometrically mapped face, with an red 'NO' sign laid over it.

PRIVACY & SECURITY August 16, 2020

Why Proctorio does not use facial recognition

A person sends data from their computer, which passes around a lock icon before reaching its destination in a browswer window.

PRIVACY & SECURITY August 15, 2020

How Proctorio approaches data security and test-taker privacy

A group of bright green leaves surround a puffy cloud and the green leafy symbol for carbon dioxide.

SUSTAINABILITY August 23, 2019

Businesses must become carbon neutral