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Setting the Record Straight: On Neurodiversity

Proctorio is often accused that its software discriminates against neurodiverse users, when in fact it has allowed such individuals to work in a more accommodating environment. Specifically, it allows them to take their exams in the quiet and safe space they choose, without the distractions of a classroom or testing center, test-takers may have an easier time focusing.

By prioritizing accessibility and ensuring exam integrity, Proctorio addresses the need for a secure and efficient solution. Proctorio can dramatically enhance users’ testing experiences because the system can be customized by adjusting settings based on the diverse needs of the individual test-taker.

Claims that Proctorio is not inclusive are not backed by research but are entirely derived from opinion. Credible studies, including one conducted by Dr. Rom Delacroix from the University of Tampa School of Nursing, paint a completely different picture. His observations reveal students with ADHD are able to thrive using Proctorio. Their test scores increased, and they were able to focus better in an environment of their choice. He’s also seen an improvement in their academic performance and is grateful that Proctorio provides this possibility.

“I became aware very early on after using Proctorio that my students with ADHD were actually performing better,” said Delacroix. “It really allowed them to shine, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

The University of Tampa School of Nursing is just one of many examples of how Proctorio is positively impacting students with disabilities.

So no, we don’t discriminate against neurodiverse test-takers. In fact, we are doing everything we can to make education more accessible for them.

September 14, 2023


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