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Proctorio reduces test-taking emissions by nearly 400 million kg since January 2020

Proctorio today announced that more than 25 million exams have been proctored using our software since January 2020. This accounts for a total savings of nearly 400 million kilograms (kg) of carbon dioxide emissions that would have been emitted from test takers commuting to testing centers to take in-person exams.

Traditional test-taking practices, such as decades of driving to and from testing centers and printing billions of paper exams, have wreaked havoc on the environment. However, through remote proctoring tools like Proctorio, the industry can provide a high-integrity test-taking environment that also benefits the Earth.

And with 25,361,910 exams proctored since January 2020, the result is carbon dioxide emissions savings of 394,124,082 kg. This is a significant milestone, and one that we are really proud of here at Proctorio. It reflects the positive environmental impact of using software like ours as educational institutions worldwide have shifted to online or hybrid learning environments in the wake of COVID-19.

We’ve already seen so many benefits of online proctoring — it’s expanded the pool of test takers who can access the global education system by giving institutions the ability to offer a high-integrity and affordable test-taking environment. It has also allowed education to continue uninterrupted during a global pandemic to ensure that life doesn’t stop for the millions of learners around the world working toward degrees and professional certifications. And today, we see the definitive impact that online proctoring has on the environment.

We’re proud to share this milestone on Earth Day, and we look forward to creating a better world for the future.

To determine the full scope of Proctorio’s carbon footprint, the company partnered with ClimatePartner, a leading solutions provider for corporate climate protection, to compare the carbon footprint of traveling 30 miles to a testing center versus using Proctorio’s Automated Proctoring remotely.

Note: This blog post was updated for clarity on June 23, 2021.

August 23, 2019


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