ANNOUNCEMENT · July 31, 2021

Introducing Proctorio’s new and improved Policy Center

For the past year, the Proctorio team has been hard at work redesigning the policies that govern Proctorio’s interactions with educational institutions, institution representatives, and end users around the world. And now, we’re excited to announce the launch of Proctorio’s new and improved Policy Center!

At Proctorio, we believe that policies should be drafted in more common, every-day language to be as understandable as possible. We worked closely with multiple internal and external stakeholders to transparently and specifically inform institutions and end users of each party’s responsibilities, our platform’s reliability and resolution response times, our recommended usage of Proctorio, and our approach to collecting, storing, and securing any collected data.

After conducting user testing, we also implemented filtering that allows our end users to read policies by selecting their location and user type (Test Taker, Parent, Institution Representative, or Website User). With these filters, users will only see the policies or portions of policies that apply directly to them. Alternatively, policies can also easily be viewed in their entirety.

As part of the Policy Center, Proctorio is unveiling four redesigned policies:

  1. Terms of Service: The Proctorio Terms of Service are applicable to all of our institutions and users worldwide and cover the responsibilities of Proctorio and each partner institution.
  2. Service Level Agreement: Our Service Level Agreement covers what to expect in regards to our service’s uptime, downtime, and expected actions and timelines for product updates and fixes.
  3. Acceptable Use Policy: Our Acceptable Use Policy explains how institution representatives and end users should appropriately utilize our products and services. Institution representatives using Proctorio are required to agree to this agreement within the Proctorio platform. Proctorio reserves the right to remove users who abuse our services.
  4. Privacy Policy: This policy explains what information is collected, why it is collected, and where and how long it is stored for and how it is secured during and after the course of a proctored exam. To demonstrate our commitment to end-user privacy Proctorio proudly runs cookie-free domains.

Proctorio may need to make occasional updates to these policies in the future. In this case, Proctorio will post updated policies to our website at, include a notice on our homepage of, and updates on Github, a repository of open-source code. We’re excited to hear your feedback on our policies! Send an email to to share your thoughts with us.

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