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Ethical usage of our technology

As online education grows and hybrid and virtual education increasingly becomes the norm, remote proctoring solutions like Proctorio have provided exam administrators with a platform that helps test takers complete assignments and exams in a secure, flexible, and high-integrity environment.

Proctorio believes that the technology should be leveraged in a way that benefits test takers and exam administrators alike. First and foremost, Proctorio’s learning integrity platform was designed to equip learners with the opportunity to further their education on their own time from their own homes. Second, Proctorio is providing exam administrators with a way to deploy customizable proctored exams in a way that respects their time, the needs of their test takers, and the integrity of their institutions. Finally, Proctorio works diligently alongside university administrators to protect the value of their degrees and certifications by ensuring secure virtual and hybrid teaching environments.

Proctorio will not tolerate uses of our platform or technology that violate these principles, whether violated specifically or even in spirit. These uses include but are not limited to:

  1. “Pay to Play” Models. Proctorio stands firmly against models where exam administrators or institutions force test takers to pay for an upgrade to use the Proctorio platform in a retaliatory manner.
  2. Results-Driven Models. Institutions should be flexible for test takers who request or require alternate arrangements or modes of assessment, in a way that is in line with their institution policy.
  3. Policing Religious/Cultural Beliefs. Proctorio will not stand for the usage of our software in any manner that forces test takers to remove or alter clothing and/or coverings and/or appearance that adhere to their religious or cultural belief systems.
  4. Personal Exam Administrator Use of Test-Taker Data. Proctorio firmly stands against any personal, and therefore inappropriate, use of test-taker data, including exam attempt recordings. We only allow institution-approved representatives access to the encryption keys needed to decrypt and review exam-related data via the Proctorio Gradebook within the institution’s assessment platform. Proctorio will not allow an exam attempt to be downloaded or played outside of the secure review environment provided by the Proctorio Gradebook. We employ diligent monitoring protocols that prevent inappropriate use of exam data.
  5. Dangerous Institution-Based Middleware. Proctorio closely monitors and detects the presence of any middleware that attempts to decrypt traffic to spy on university web traffic. This poses a direct threat to exam-related data that can prevent Proctorio from ensuring the top-tier data security protection that we promise our partner institutions.

We reserve the right to review usage rights for any institution-approved representative or institution, whether for the above reasons or for any potentially dangerous or inappropriate uses not listed above.

Proctorio is dedicated to the educational and professional advancement of test takers. We are committed and will continue to commit ourselves to the protection of our users’ privacy and data security.

The increase of technology use in education is reliant on integrity and trust and Proctorio is dedicated to doing what is necessary to help test takers achieve high-quality learning outcomes.

Note: This blog post was updated for clarity on June 23, 2021.

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