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Curtains Going Up

When we first launched Proctorio almost ten years ago, we knew that universities and institutions needed verified academic integrity. They had to have confidence that the test experience would not be breached. We also knew that students and test-takers needed an assurance of privacy. They had to have confidence that their own personal environment would not be broadcast to the world.

We designed Proctorio with those twin, sometimes in tension, requirements as our guide. It's why we built a browser extension that acts as a simple overlay on an existing learning management system or platform. It's why we insist on end-to-end encryption of test-taker data. It's why our website doesn't even have cookies or third party trackers. Zero.

We also have a bit of a DIY spirit here at Proctorio. We like to create things in house. Sometimes when you're starting out it makes more financial sense or is more efficient to use an existing software, but we are inclined to make it ourselves. We have a vast library of videos in our help center and also in our marketing department. We had always planned on building our own video player.

And then the pandemic hit.

There have been a lot of cliches thrown around to describe what those first few months were like and the toll this all continues to have on people's lives. Overnight, we had universities that needed to onboard and then scale up to tens of thousands of users. Our staff was dispersed as COVID restrictions demanded safe distancing. All development was put on a shelf.

We can't describe today's conditions as post COVID obviously, but, thankfully, we have had to acclimate ourselves and get back to building our product for our clients. Education did not stop. Neither did we. We've been treating this year as a return to our roots. Time to look at the foundation of our business. Time to take the lessons we've learned and apply them to the future. Time to take projects down from the shelf and get back to work.

That is why we are so pleased to announce that we have put the finishing touches on our very own video player. Like all worthwhile projects, this one was time consuming, patience trying and spread across many departments of the company. It will give us more freedom in the creation of our world-class help center. It will give us more flexibility in the story we're trying to tell about education. It will give us more control.

And we are passing that control on to you, our users. More control to access what you need to complete your education. More control over your personal data. More control over your privacy. Our video player, like every other part of our website and our service, will not track you. Will not collect your data. Will not sell any personal information.

The role of technology in education should be for more access. It should remove barriers between a student and the information they need to absorb. It should also make the student feel safe when they're using it. When we started Proctorio, we knew this was going to take many iterations. We knew there'd be setbacks. But we always knew that putting privacy at the forefront of everything we do would bring about each link of progress we've made.

Curtains going up. Let me introduce you to Roy. Only on the Proctorio Video Player.

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