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Proctorio and AKAD University receive the eLearning Award 2022

Proctorio and AKAD University have been selected as winners of the eLearning Award for 2022. The eLearning Award panel went through over 300 submissions from some of the most innovative and impressive projects from companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our project titled “Implementation of a reliable proctoring solution for students,” won top marks in the Assessment Category for demonstrating how flexible the online education process can be.

AKAD University is the first state-recognized “distance learning” university in Germany. It was founded in 1959 as part of the Swiss AKAD Group and now offers a wide range of educational opportunities in the fields of digitalization & innovation, business & management, technology & information technology, languages, and communication & culture.

AKAD University is geared towards working professionals. Over 95% of its 11,500 students are employed. The university's portfolio is largely digital, allowing students to balance their education with their personal and professional lives. Most online exams administered by the university can be taken at the student's convenience. Since Proctorio was created for universal compatibility, it integrates directly into AKAD's existing Learning Management System.

Norman Grötzbach, Chief Technology Officer at AKAD said about the University's partnership, "With Proctorio, we can supervise our online exams automatically and in compliance with the GDPR, to ensure the integrity of our degrees."

The University began working with Proctorio during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. AKAD had approached Proctorio before the pandemic began, looking for a partner, rather than an outside proctoring provider, who could help them design and develop their online assessment processes specifically to fit the needs of European institutions and students.

Proctorio was a natural choice of partner for AKAD. Our fully-automated remote proctoring platform gives AKAD the flexibility they need to support custom exam environments. The review and evaluation of exam attempts is simple for administrators. And by operating in Germany, with servers in Frankfurt, we show that we take GDPR compliance seriously.