Privacy by design

Test-Taker’s Privacy

Maintaining Test-Taker’s privacy is at the core of our product, not an afterthought. Our automated systems are designed to be less intrusive than hosting human proctors, virtually monitoring you taking your exam in your home. With our Learning Integrity Platform, only approved administrators, are allowed to access your data.

Find out how test-taker’s data is transferred and stored with zero-knowledge encryption on our data security page.

Third Party Audits

Proctorio engaged a leading information security consulting company to perform a Security Assessment of our software and cloud environment.

Proctorio appropriately implements Zero-Knowledge Encryption, the extension is adequately hardened to resist tampering, and video and audio exam recordings are stored in the proper geographical regions based on the institution in accordance with local privacy and security laws. The regions tested include USA, Canada, European Union, Middle East and Australia.

To learn more about this security audit please read the full public audit and report or visit our data security page.

Read the full report

Recognized for Prioritizing Privacy

Proctorio has been recognized by The IKeepSafe Coalition for meeting the highest data security and privacy standards, allowing Proctorio to be the first and only remote proctoring software to earn the iKeepSafe certification. Proctorio’s certifications include: Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) , Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and we’re California Student Privacy Certified. These certifications are given by The Internet Keep Safe Coalition, who review education based software companies to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to keep students’ information safe. Proctorio is also GDPR compliant.

Proctorio has, also, proudly signed the Student Privacy Pledge and has been a continuous facilitator in discussions, surrounding the increase and improvement of the security of test taker’s data and privacy.

To learn more about student privacy in the world of remote proctoring, there is a public ATP bulletin on the subject. This bulletin has been issued by their privacy subcommittee, which Proctorio is a member of.

We appreciate and respect that remote proctoring solutions raise privacy and security concerns for our test takers. However, we also know the value of exams with upheld integrity to ensure the validity of online courses and degrees. With that in mind, we are extending every possible effort to ensure our students’ privacy and comfortability while using our product.

Never Collecting Data We Don’t Need

Proctorio never requires personally identifiable information (PII) to use our software. You simply sign in to your testing platform with your institution’s credentials and access your assessment. The only time we record you for your exam is if and when your instructor chooses the video or audio recording option for your assessment.

Proctorio, also, runs as a browser extension. This means there is no native software, with full access to your computer system. Proctorio only runs during your exam. As soon as you’ve finished the exam, you can uninstall Proctorio to give you ease of mind. Just reinstall the browser extension before your next online exam.

Browser permissions

The following are the browser’s policy settings and permissions that Proctorio has to use to operate effectively. However, Proctorio does not use all of their settings or permissions to run most of the exams. These permissions are also determined by the settings enabled by the instructor.

Browser Permission What and why?
Read and change all your data on the websites you visit This only occurs during an exam and is a method to ensure that test-takers aren't able to infringe academic integrity with the use of third party sites.
Display notifications We may display a popup notification while you are in the exam in the case that you navigate away from the exam.
Modify data you copy and paste We don't read/collect the contents in the user's clipboard. Instead, during the exam, we replace the clipboard text with our own to prevent exam content distribution.
Capture content of your screen This recording setting only runs during the exam and is only visible to exam administrators to review once the exam is submitted. This is used to make sure that no unauthorized online based resources were used during the exam.
Manage your downloads Downloads will only be prevented during the exam.
Identify and eject storage devices Storage devices are detected and identified during the exam. But we do not eject storage devices.
Manage your apps, extensions, and themes We do not manage the themes of your device. But we do manage extensions and applications that may hinder Proctorio from operating properly.
Change your privacy-related settings We use it to temporarily block the browser's "password" fill option during the exam.

Questions regarding data storage, recovery, and deletion should be directed to:

6840 E. Indian School Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Email: [email protected]

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