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As we ushered in the Information Age, universities realized that they could offer quality courses to students all over the world. But how could they monitor who was taking the course and whether they were cheating? Enter Proctorio. Proctorio is a game changer for online education and exam adminstration. Its automated proctorless software provides universities with the scalable, cost-effective solution they need to validate a student’s identity and activity during an online exam. The result? Confidence that the students enrolled in academic programs are those doing the work. Proctorio is the kind of disruptive technology with the potential to change the face of higher education.

Our Mission.

Proctorio's mission is to increase access to high quality education, world wide.

Proctorio gives value to online degrees, decreases the cost of education, and facilitates learning. With Proctorio, institutions and employers can gain confidence in online programs.

Our Story.

While developing software for online schools we noticed an ever-present trend. Students were acing the midterms only to stumble on the final exams. This happened when the finals were remotely proctored, which ensured that the students did not receive help from their notes or their friends. While being effective, the proctoring services were human powered and could not provide a scalable solution. We realized that students must be encouraged to study on their formative exams to meet learning objectives. The missing piece was a scalable, automated remote proctoring system. Enter Proctorio.

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