About Proctorio

Here at Proctorio, we have one goal: to expand quality education by providing high-integrity learning environments to learners across the globe.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue a high-quality education, which is why we developed a privacy-centric, accessible, and scalable remote proctoring solution that allows test takers to take exams from home.

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It all began in 2013...

Back in 2013, online courses and programs were just becoming a popular alternative to traditional, in-person learning environments. With this shift came the need for a simple way to protect the integrity of online assessments and uphold the value of those programs.

Learn more about Proctorio’s history and eventual rise to becoming a leading remote proctoring solution provider.

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...and has expanded with a diverse staff located throughout the globe...

Since our founding, we have expanded our reach across the globe, assisting exam administrators and test takers in achieving their educational goals. Even our own company has grown to include multiple international offices!

Learn more about Proctorio’s continuous effort to be a more modern and inclusive company.

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...to create a sustainable and scalable company and service.

With growth comes the responsibility to scale our abilities and to continue providing excellent services to our users. It also comes with the responsibility of keeping our carbon footprint small, so that we preserve exam integrity while also protecting our planet.

Learn more about Proctorio’s sustainability efforts.

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Accessibility is at the forefront of our products and services...

We continue to develop and improve upon our product and services so our Learning Integrity Platform may be utilized equitably by institution representatives, exam administrators, and test takers.

Learn more about Proctorio’s approach to accessibility.

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backed by seamless integration with any existing exam platform.

Proctorio is proud to offer a quick and seamless integration with your Learning Management System (LMS) or custom integrations with common third-party assessment platforms.

Learn more about Proctorio’s integrations and partnerships.

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